Riding the Eye

of the

Tech Hurricane


Ideas & Intuitions
to help small & mid-size businesses
compete with
large enterprises.

Amid today’s challenging business environment, shaped by a global pandemic, political disagreements, rising cybersecurity risks, and fast-paced technological advancements, feeling overwhelmed is understandable.

This presentation aims to boost the knowledge and confidence of leaders of small and mid-size businesses by:

  1. highlighting 7 key Information Systems trends,
  2. addressing the risks associated with these trends, and
  3. sharing practical and creative ideas for SME leaders to consider when planning future strategies and making informed Information Systems decisions.

Our goal: To help SME leaders confidently embrace technology trends, streamline processes, and drive growth by anticipating and minimizing future challenges.

Together, Waterloo Region business leaders can seize opportunities and build a solid foundation for business and community success.

Introducing Rick Baker P.Eng., ICD.D

Rick, a Waterloo entrepreneur, and his son Jack created “Waterloo Intuition & Technology Corporation”.

Rick is a mechanical engineer and Jack was among Ontario’s first professional engineers to obtain a Software P.Eng. designation.

They bring big-business experiences and innovative ideas to mid-sized businesses, offering consulting services for technology integration and problem-solving.

“Waterloo Intuition & Technology” assists SME leaders in planning and optimizing Information Systems, promoting best practices, and enhancing governance and operations.

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