We help business leaders make excellent technology decisions.

Planning – Managing – Building – Rescuing

Our Services

Helping your business solve persistent problems during times of increasing risks.

As a first service step we always have a complimentary online meeting for 15-60 minutes.

Divergence Trap Rescue

Strengthening communication, boosting decisions between business and tech people, using intuitive custom tools, and identifying areas where skills can be better utilized.

Understanding areas of conflicting viewpoints

Applying intuition, ideation, & intellection

Generating solution recommendations

Advanced Convergence Coaching

Assisting CEOs and their teams in overcoming significant hurdles that impede business progress, with a focus on fostering convergence of ideas and leveraging intuitive insights.

Divergence Trap Rescue...in more detail

Ongoing consulting & coaching package

Full access to all support tools & workshops

Unsurpassed Intuitive Growth

As a partner to CEOs, using proven "big business" and "entrepreneurial SME" strategies and actions to help businesses and information systems reach new plateaus.

Advanced Convergence Coaching...in more detail

Negotiated & customized, all-in term service

Customized support tools and workshops

Our services range from strategic/governance to operational 

… here are samples of services often selected by our clients

Project Rescuing

Building on the assessments and clear conversations, creating new plans and implement actions to put projects on track, on time, and on budget..

Strategic Advisory Services

Advising CEOs and leadership teams, to clarify strategies and actions and ensure they are directed toward achieving desired outcomes.

Operational Coaching Services

Making sure actions are effective and efficient as improved processes, information systems, and infrastructure are implemented.

Improving Business Performance

As the business landscape becomes more complex, leaders are facing increasing demands and challenges. Technology plays an important role in creating and solving these challenges, including issues related to human resources.

At Waterloo Intuition & Technology, our mission is to help business leaders overcome persistent problems, especially those that arise from the disconnect between tech and non-tech professionals. By leveraging our expertise and experience, we assist leaders in improving their businesses, increasing revenue, and minimizing risks during times of significant change.

Whether it’s implementing new technologies, optimizing workflows, or developing effective communication strategies, we work with our clients to identify and implement solutions that produce tangible results. Our ultimate goal is to help businesses thrive and succeed in today’s rapidly evolving landscape.

Why Work With Us

Your most troubling and persistent business and information systems problems will receive our full attention and focused efforts aimed at generating solutions that bring peace of mind and add value to your business.

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