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Solve Persistent Problems

Bridging the gaps that exist between Business and Information Systems people, we help solve CEOs’ most persistent problems.

Our Services

Helping your business solve persistent problems during times of increasing risks.

So, you have a persistent Business or Information Systems problem

… here is how we can help!

Let’s see where you are at

… so we can take action.

Business and/or Information Systems - Health Risk Assessments

Introductory, online sessions to assess and generate solutions for the clearly identified persistent problems that are impairing business progress.

Business and/or Information Systems - Maturity Advancement Assessments

Assessing business and information systems performance and helping CEOs and their team remove all the major obstacles that are slowing business down.

Zenith Insight Adventure - Unsurpassed Intuitive Proficiency & Growth

As a partner to CEOs, using proven "big business" and "entrepreneurial SME" strategies and actions to help businesses and information systems reach new plateaus.

After we know where you are at

… let’s plan the work and work the plan.

Strategic Advisory Services

Advising CEOs and leadership teams, to clarify strategies and actions and ensure they are directed toward achieving desired outcomes.

Operational Coaching Services

Making sure actions are effective and efficient as improved processes, information systems, and infrastructure are implemented.

Project Rescuing

Building on the assessments and clear conversations, creating new plans and implement actions to put projects on track, on time, and on budget..

And if you need more than Business and/or Information Systems Consulting

… here’s how we oversee or perform custom software development.

Requirements & Design

Your user requirements will be clear and understood. That’s the key to software success.

Prototyping & Building

Your vision will be realized as your project moves from simple prototypes to production.

Testing & Securing

Your software will pass QA testing and be validated against industry standards prior to deployment.

Deploying & Production

Your employees, clients, and suppliers will be happy as your software is delivered as envisioned.

Solving Business and Information Systems Problems

Business leaders have experienced and will continue to experience increased demands and complications.

Technology has an increasingly important impact on both creating and solving business problems.

Waterloo Intuition & Technology’s goal is to help business leaders solve persistent problems, including problems tied to technology.

We help leaders improve their businesses, grow revenue, and reduce their business risks in periods of immense change.

Why Work With Us

Your most troubling and persistent business and information systems problems will receive our full attention and focused efforts aimed at generating solutions that bring peace of mind and add value to your business.

listening Precedes planning

Listening to your needs and employing intuitive and proven processes.

delivering on time

Communicating and monitoring will anticipate and remove timing problems.

delivering on budget

Ensuring budgets are met and no one receives annoying surprises.

building to last

Solidifying ROI by building for high up-time and low maintenance.

Client Testimonials

During the summer of 2012, Jack and Robin helped us set the scope then build our enterprise portal. Since its launch, portal enhancements and modules have been added with quick turnaround while the portal core has remained solid. Our custom software’s extremely high reliability has created efficiencies and enabled significant business expansion.
John Prendergast
President, Sharp Bus Lines
After helping us complete process documentation and create policy manuals, Jack, Robin, and their team built and deployed our business ERP software in 2014. In addition to automation efficiencies, our custom software improved our ability to work remotely, serving customers in Quebec and growing business in Western Canada. Our software has been operating without failure for 8 years.
Aaron Shaver
Owner, Minotaur Stormwater Services
Jack and his team build software that lasts. Our energy portal served our business needs, including accounting and our cutting-edge client-service needs, for over 10 years with very minimal maintenance. Our recent energy portal upgrade was affordable!”
Paul Van Brunt, P.Eng.
Founder & CEO, VIP Energy
Jim, Jack, and their colleagues created a Veterinary Comparison app for us in 2016. That app automated the calculation and presentation of data for the special service we provide to our Veterinary clients. Our customized service allows our clients to benchmark themselves against their peers. With our clients' very positive response to this app, we asked for a Dairy Comparison app in 2021. Now, two of our major client groups are receiving the value of specialized benchmarking information.
Rita Cole, CPA, CGA
Principal, Ward & Uptigrove

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